Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is the Lottery Services Portal?

  • The Lottery Services Portal (LSP) is a web-based application. Lottery retailers (Independent, Chain Head, Selling Chain Head, and Chain Subordinate) can access LSP over any internet connection to self-register. Once registered, retailers can log into the Lottery Services Portal home page to access the following features:

    • * Manage Account - change password, password hint questions, and personal information.
    • * Reports - view or download invoice, Scratcher inventory and sales reports.
    • * Documents and Forms - access to view or download documents and forms to allow retailers to
    • troubleshoot problems before placing a call to the Lottery.
    • * Add and Maintain Secondary Users - the primary user of the LSP retailer account can add users to
    • their account for access to LSP information. Primary users have the ability to enable or disable
    • access and to reset a forgotten password.
    • * FAQ / Contact Us

2. What is the Registration Process?

  • LSP registration is a multi-step process. The retailer will be required to transition through each step. The steps include:

  • 1) Accepting Terms and Conditions for usage of the LSP site.
  • 2) Security Code entry
  • 3) Georgia Lottery Retailer Verification
  • 4) Entry of Retailer Identification information
  • 5) Entry of Security Information and graphic image selection

3. How do I log in?

  • The Lottery Services Portal (LSP) allows all users to log into LSP by:

    • * Entering a valid username and password.
    • * Entering a valid username and temporary password.
    • Upon entry of the username, the system will display the graphic image and image name the user created during their registration.

4. What if I Forget My Password?

  • The Forgot Password feature allows the independent reset of a password by the user. This process protects the user's security in two ways:

  • 1) Ensures the identity of the user by using the password hint question.
    2) Requires the user to access a protected email account to retrieve the new temporary password.

  • The user is immediately required to create a new password when they log in with the temporary password. Users who have forgotten their Username should contact Retailer Services for assistance at 1.800.746.8546.